Full Name
Chase Engelhardt
Job Title
Climate Planning and Resilience Coordinator
Climate Resolve
Speaker Bio
Chase began his non-profit journey interning as a community organizer, continuing in Washington D.C. doing environmental policy research, strategy development, and community engagement with a policy research organization. After receiving a B.A. in International Politics from UC Santa Cruz, he took his knowledge of program design and evaluation to the Boys and Girls Club, where he managed a volunteer program, a mentoring program for homeless youth, and an environmental education club.

In search of more experience in the international arena Chase moved to South America, where he lived for 3 years. In Peru, he managed an environmental program that involved coastal conservation, community gardens/composting, environmental advocacy and environmental education. In Chile, he worked on an urban farm and environmental education center while also serving as a consultant for urban agriculture and community organization for a range of local organizations.

Back once again in L.A., Chase most recently managed hundreds of volunteers to serve un-housed youth and to fight for more equitable and sustainable housing and urban policies.

In his spare time Chase likes to surf, hike, and make music.
Chase Engelhardt